The Clog Demolisher

Unclog your pipes instantly.

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Unclog all Pipes

Save Your Troubles

For anyone who has ever had to deal with the nightmare of a clogged toilet or drain, we know how frustrating it can be. But now with the Clog Demolisher drain unclogger, handling drain clogs will become a thing of the past.

Save the Environment

Throw away those harmful chemicals that can corrode your pipes or harm your family! Using this, there will be no toxic chemicals in the air and you can breathe freely.

Save Your Money

The Clog Demolisher is reusable and can last for many years. Imagine clearing clogs for years without needing to call the plumber or buying chemicals regularly. It saves you lots of money!

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At first I was skeptical however it did the job and when you pump and pull the trigger it administered a powerful blow of air. Much better than the old school plunger. The rubber suction didn’t fit my toilet bowl perfectly but it pretty good for being university product

FeFe Greene

Had a stubborn drain in my bathroom..tried to snake..tried some chemicals...a few pumps with this and the proper fitting attached and click ..swoosh it was clear....

Robert Greenlee

The drain in the sink where my washing machine drains was seriously clogged. I tried chemicals -- no go. I plunged it A LOT -- nothing. This gun didn't seem to have an effect at first; gave it a few shots and got nothing but bubbles. But kept at it, giving the gun 15 pumps each time. I shot it 6 or 7 times and it cleared. Hallelujah!

Gene L.